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LD 835 Infrared BGA Soldering and Desoldering SMD Rework Station

LD 835 IRDA Welder (BGA & SMD)

Rs. 20790 Rs. 21000 (Extra 18.00% GST!)

Ideal for soldering/unsoldering of phones, computers, notebooks, game machines, etc.


Rated voltage and frequency AC220v/AC110v/50-60Hz
Machine power 300W
Infrared lamp Power 100 W
Infra-red heating lamp size 35mm
Adjustable temperature of Infra-red lamp 0℃-350℃
Weight 4.0 Kgs

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Features of the LD 835 Infrared BGA/SMD rework station

1. Hand-held lamp structure with flexible operation and easy control.

2. Suitable for any point of a flat component, especially BGA & SMD components.

3. This SMD & BGA rework station uses an infrared heat lamp. Heat pierces easily and distributes evenly, which is helpful in avoiding any burnt out elements.

4. Infrared heating doesn't have any sirocco flow which in turn doesn't impact circumjacent small elements.

5. It can be used to unsolder BGA, SMD, CSP, LGA, QFP and PLCC although it is especially designed for Micro BGA and SMD elements.

6. Easy operation. You just need a day's training to operate it skillfully.

7. Don't need any welding tools, this machine can solder all the flat components.

8. 24*7 aftersales support and service.

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