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LD D1 BGA Rework Station (Triple heating zones)

LD D1 BGA Rework Station (Triple heating zones)

Rs. 94050 Rs. 95000 (Extra 18.00% GST!)

Three Heating Zone Drawer Style Touch Screen BGA Rework Stations for SMD and BGA use.


Total Power 4400W
Top heater Power 800W
Bottom heater (2nd) Power 1200W
IR heater (3rd) Power 2400W
Power Supply AC220V (50Hz)
Temp. Accuracy ±2℃
PCB size Max 370×370 mm; Min 22×22 mm
BGA chip 2x2 - 80x80 mm
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
Dimensions L540×W480×H540 (mm)
Weight 31 Kg

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Special features of the LD D1:-

  • Linear slider moves in X, Y, Z axis all can micro adjust.
  • HD drawer style touch screen interface and start up password for protection and modification.
  • PLC control, PID parameters self setting adjustment and precise temperature module.
  • Has three independent heating zones, upper heater (hot air), lower heater (hot air) and bottom (IR) preheating zone.
  • K type close loop control
  • The temperature accuracy will be on about 2 degree
  • A vacuum tube helps pick up the bga chips conveniently after heating.
  • Sound hint system: there is voice reminder 10s before the completion of heating.
  • Security measure: overheat guard and emergency stop function.
  • Upper heater can move up and down, front and back, rotate freely
  • Strong sense of thermometer, temperature measurement more accurate
  • PCB clamp (V-groove) with universal fixture, suitable for all kinds of BGA.
  • With vacuum tube, help pick up the bga chip conveniently after heating.
  • It can set 6-8 segments heating, and massive store temperature profile
  • Cross flow cooling fan, fast cooling the pcb, prevent it from deformation.
  • Hot air nozzle, rotate 360 degree, customized is available.
  • CE certificate, with emergency stop and Automatic power-off protection device.


  • Complete range of rework applications in medium and large scale service centers.
  • Mobile and radio systems devices repair
  • Mobile phones, PDAs, handhelds, laptops, notebooks & motherboards repair
  • LAN devices, network nodes and military communication equipment repair
  • Portable medical equipment repair


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