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LD-90 Bottle Labeling Machine (with Code Printer)

LD-90 Bottle Labeling Machine (with Code Printer)

Ideal for labeling small to medium size containers or products. Comes with a code printer.


Acceptable bottles of diameter 10-150mm
Label roll External diameter: 300mm, Inner diameter: 36-76mm
Label size Width 8-150mm, Length 15-210mm
Efficiency 50 pcs/min
Precision ±1mm
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Machine size 120W
Dimensions 650*450*450 (mm)
Weight 40kg

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Why use an Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine?

  • Bottle labelers enable the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects and products.
  • This plastic bottle label printer has very high working accuracy.
  • High speed dispensing & labeling.
  • Automated process of this bottle label printing machine makes it an ideal choice for your business.
  • This sticker labeling machine replaces the need for labour power.
  • 24*7 after sales support provided by Lessdeal.

Features of LD-90 Bottle Labeling Machine with Code Printer

  • Applicable scope, can meet 10-100 mm diameter range of cylindrical considerate scale.
  • The jockey for position type adjustment, different workpiece labels switching simple.
  • It adopts the synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved.
  • Desktop design, the structure is simplified, appearance compact, powerful.
  • Using the anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy stents and advanced computer white box, the beauty is generous.
  • Using advanced electric eye, the object, the label high detection sensitivity.
  • Labeling and printing combined in one machine, it can print the production date, batch number, valid time and other words on each label accuratlly, and then label it on the round bottle.

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