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ESD (Antistatic) Brush

ESD (Antistatic) Brush

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ESD (antistatic) brushes are best used in cleaning PCB, the surface of the electronic products and the workshop of the SMT.


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Lessdeal offers static discharging or antistatic Brushes to fit your specific brushing requirements.

ESD (electrostatic discharge) brushes allow the manufacturers of electronics and static-charge-sensitive products the ability to clean without creating static that may damage the component.

These active static eliminator burshes work because, when you mechanically brush a potentially charged surface, the use of conductive brush fibers along with a conductive brush backing allow the static charge to flow into ground.

These Industrial static eliminator brushes are primarily used for static dissipation and wiping, dusting, solder removal, circuit board preparation & rework, lead trimming rework and edge connector cleaning. Although it is mostly used as an esd safe pcb cleaning brush.

Our antistatic brush for electronics can also be used in other industries namely paper converting, printing, material handling, film processing & packaging, etc.

ESD (Antistatic) Brush
ESD (Antistatic) Brush
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ESD safe (Anti static) Brush
ESD safe (Anti static) Brush
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Staticide Concentrate
ESD Anti-static Concentrate
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general duty staticide
General Duty Anti-static Concentrate
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staticide heavy duty
Heavy duty Anti-static Concentrate
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esd stick mat
ESD Safe Anti Static Stick Mat
Rs. 3200/- Rs. 3168/-

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