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Highvoltage Generator and Antistatic Bar

Highvoltage Generator and Antistatic Bar

Rs. 8190 Rs. 9000 (Extra 18.00% GST!)

AC static eliminator bar has a line pin design. High Voltage generator can build upto 4 * 5.5 KV


Generator Input voltage 110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Generator Output Voltage 4 x 5.5KV
Generator Output Current 5mA
Generator Standard Cord Length 3m
Generator Weight 2.0 kg
Generator Size 170x95x85
Bar Operating Voltage 5.5kv
Bar Operating Current 200A
Bar Temperature -30°C to 80°C (standard)
Bar Weight 600g
Bar Diameter 30mm/20mm
Bar Length 25mm/2000mm
Bar Cord Length 2m (standard)

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Antistatic Ionizing Air Bar can produce large amounts of air with positive and negative charges which will neutralize the negative and positive charges from objects. When the object is charged for the negative charge on the surface, it will absorb the positive charge in air, when the surfaces are charged for a positive charge; it can absorb the negative charge in air. Neutralize the electrostatic to achieve static elimination purpose.

Ionization device: ionization device in high pressure under the effects of the low voltage high current generator, forming a stable, high pressure electric field ionization air plasma formation, by high pressure air flow out of the reach the surface of the object, to achieve the purpose of neutralizing static and dust removal.

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Highvoltage Generator and Antistatic Bar
Highvoltage Generator and Antistatic Bar
Rs. 9000/- Rs. 8190/-
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