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Aluminium Roof Insulation Sheets

Aluminum foil + PE + Bubbled layer + PE + Aluminum foil


Structure Aluminum foil + PE + Bubbled layer + PE + Aluminum foil
Number of Layers 5

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This aluminium bubble foil heat reflective insulation consists of PET / AL / XPE (EPE) multi- layers of obstruction material. It is an environment friendly product which has good heat preservation and insulation properties. The outer layer of PET provides excellent abrading and tears resistance. The middle layer of AL / XPE shows strong ability in barrier of moisture and oxygen, reduction and insulation of sound. The middle layer also has the advantages like reflecting light and heat and stopping the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. 

Features of the aluminium bubble insulation foil:

1. It has no nocuous substance and accord with the standards of ISO14000. It also does not generate any pollutant bringing harm to peoples health when being installed and in use.
2. This heat insulation sheet for roof is a high quality material for warm-keeping and energy-saving, which is the killer of dew forming and the  transmission of cold and heat . It insulates any heat media with a stable and low thermal conductivity.
3. This aluminium foil roof insulation is light in weight.It could absorb sound,reduce noise,and provide cushioning function. 
4. The aluminium bubble sheet is water and leak proof, anti-flaming, easy to be processed and installed.
5. It is durable in use and endurable to heat,cold and chemical reaction.

1. Heat insulation and light inflecting in construction and protection for both cold water and hot water pipe.
2. Separation of refrigerator; warm keeping for center air-conditioner, refrigerator and other home appliances.
3. Heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction for car, train, refrigerator car and laboratory; moisture proof cushion for traveling.
4. Packing for special products and cold storage.
5. Can be made into different colors and anti-static according to customers specific requirements to reach the standards of top grade decoration.


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