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BGA Rework Station LD-A1LC (Automatic)

CE certification approved. Double protection (Overheating guard + emergency stop function.)


Total Power 4800W
Top heater 800W
Bottom heater 1200W
IR heater 2700W
Power Supply AC220V (50Hz)
Lighting Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.
Operation mode Drawer style HD touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting
Storage 50000 groups
Top heater movement Right/left, frontward/backward, rotate freely.
Positioning Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.
Temperature control K type sensor (close loop)
Temp accuracy ±2℃
PCB size Max 420×400 mm Min 22×22 mm
BGA chip 2x2 - 80x80 mm
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
External temper sensor 1 nos
Dimensions 640*630*560mm
Weight 40 Kgs

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BGA rework station:

Features of the LD A1LC 

1. Sports an embedded Industrial PC, HD touch screen interface, PLC control, and instant profile analysis function. Real-time settings and actual temperature profile display can be used to analyzed and correct parameters if needed.

2. It uses precise K-type close circuit control and automatic temperature adjustment system, with PLC and temperature module to enable precision temperature control of ±2 degC. External temperature sensor enables temperature monitoring and accurate analysis of real time temperature profile.

3.V-groove PCB support for rapid, convenience and accurate positioning that fits for all kinds of PCB boards.

4.Flexible and convenient removable fixture on the PCB board which protectsand prevent damage to PCB. It can also adapt to rework various BGA packages.

5.Various sizes of BGA nozzles, which can be adjusted 360 degree for easy installation and replacement;

6. Three temperature areas can independently heat and are multiple controllable and adjustable to ensure best integration of different temperature areas. Heating temperature, time, angle, cooling and vacuuming can all be set on the interface.

7.There are 6-8 levels of variable and constant temperature controls. Massive storage of temperature curves which are Instant accessible according to different BGA. Curve analysis, setting and adjustment are all accessible via touch screen. Three heating areas adopts independent PID calculation to control heating process to enable more accurate and precise temperature control.

8.Temperature rise more balanced, temperature more accurate.

9. It uses high powered blower to enable fast cooling of PCB board and prevent it from deformation. There are also internal vacuum pump and external vacuum pen to assist with fetching the BGA chip.

10.Including Voice "early warning" function. 5-10 seconds before the completion of uninstalling or welding, voice reminder / warning to get the workers prepared. Cooling system will start after vertical wind stopped heating. When the temperature drops to room temperature, the cooling process will stop, so that the machine will not age after heated up.

11.CE certification, with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection in case of an emergency.


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