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BGA Rework Station LD A8 (Semi Automatic)

₹ 100000


₹ 80000

CE certification approved. Double protection (Overheating guard + emergency stop function.) Ideal for


Total power 4800W
Upper Heater 800W
Lower Heater 1200W
Bottom Heater 2700W
Position V-groove clamping, PCB support, Universal fixture
Temperature K type sensor (closed loop control)
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
PCB size Max 400x400mm Min 20x20mm
BGA chip 2x2mm~80x80mm
Minimum chip space 0.15mm
Dimensions 570x520x570mm (L*W*H)
Weight 32 Kg

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BGA Rework Station

Features of the LD A8 

Humanized design:

  • It is embedded with an industrial grade PCL, a stepper motor drive and a smart temperature module which makes it very stable.
  • Windows OS interface in English & Chinese (USB) makes this machine easy to operate.
  • Comes with 5 different size of nozzles: upper 31*31mm, 38*38mm, 41*41mm.  Bottom 34*34mm, 55*55mm.
  • This soldering station has three heating zones, upper heater and lower heater are hot air, bottom is infrared preheat zone.
  • High power cross flow fan, cools the pcb very quickly, preventing it from deformation.

Accurate temperature control:

  • Three independent temperature heatings + PID self setting adjusted, temperature accuracy will be ±1°C.
  • This rework machine can set 8 segments heating, and has massive storage of groups temperature profile.
  • Allows setting BGA heating curve conveniently.
  • Automatic temperature curve analysis.

Convenient visual alignment:

  • Optical alignment + CCD color lens system.
  • Laser positioning for quick alignment.
  • Two color separation, magnification and micro adjustment.
  • Auto focus, auto correction, auto color differentiation.
  • Light level adjustment system.
  • Japanese made camera that can move front and back.
  • Built-in vacuum pump for picking up the bga chip.

State of the art components:

  • Precise fine-tuning of bga chip
  • X, Y , Z micrometers fine-tuning, Placement accuracy will be ±0.01 MM.
  • V-groove clamp + universal fixture suitable for all kinds of PCB.
  • Hot air nozzle with magnet, rotate in any angle, easy replace and operate.
  • Heating system and mount head 2 in 1 design, precise positioning.

Perfect security design:

  • Comes with fan failure protection and thermocouple failure protection function, overheating protection and emergency stop function.
  • Start up password and modify protection.

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