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Engine Oil Recycling Machine (LD-05)

For used dirty oil recycling, these units are the ultimate oil purification which integrates total completed oil recovery and recycling system into one unit.


Inlet Oil Purifier 18.3l/Min (2 Sets 1.1KW)
Pre-treatment System 0.75m³ (1 Set)
Distillation Kettle Size ï¿ 800*1200
Kettle-Using Cooling Seal 206-20 (1 Sets)
Mixer Shaft 45 1100℃、¢20*1100 (1 Sets)
Mixer Machine BLY1-29 1.5kw/4 (2 Sets)
Connection set 2 Sets
Temperature Controller XMT101 600℃ 2 Set ; XMT101 400℃ (1 Set)
heating system 1 Set 4 master card
Cooler ï¿ 220*1800 1 Set
Cooling Tower ï¿ 220*2000 (1 Sets)
Recycling Water Pump ISW25-160 2 Sets ,ISW40-160 (1 set)
Plate Frame Filter LY-18 (2 Sets)
Sight Glass DN25 1 Set;
Gas And Diesel Conversion Tank ï¿ 325*400 1 Set
Diesel Transit Cans ï¿ 400*500 1 Set
Base Oil Conversion Tank ï¿ 325*400 1Set ï¿ 400*500 2sets
Residual Oil Cooler ï¿ 220*300 1 Set 1.1KW
Residue Oil Pump CYB-18 18L/Min 1set
Container Number 1set 20GP
Vacuum System Water Circulation Pump SK-1 1Set 1.5KW
Roots Vacuum Pump ZJP-70 1 Set 1.1KW
Vacuum Pump 2X-8 1 Set 1.5KW
Recovery rate Base oil 85%~88% (index same as SN150~SN200)
Recovery rate Gasoline about 3%
Recovery rate Diesel about 3%-4%
Recovery rate Oil residue 6%~8%

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1. Wide usage: can treat gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, rubber oil, waste oils and other various cleaning oil

2. Low processing costs: the total cost of processing one ton used oil only USD30 (including fuel, electricity and pretreatment agent)

3. High recovery rate: base oil: 85%~88%, gasoline 3%, diesel:3%~4%,oil residue:6%~8%

Current the continuous operation practices in the market, while the good oil come out, at the same time pump waste oil in. This operation is complicated, labor -intensive, and a lot of good oil will be pumped as residue oil, the yield at most up to 72%, too much residue oil.

4. Do not need acid and clay, get high quality base oil: No unsaturated composition, can storage in a long-term without change its color, also no any bad smell.

5. environmental protection: the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment, the colloid and asphalting, carbon black in the waste lube oil are all into sludge, can be used as asphalt or fuel.

6. This machine use a special way heating, high thermal efficiency, and difficult to form carbon fouling Safe, reliable, durable.

7. Easy operations, low labor intensity, only 1 to 2 workers can easily operate the machine

8. without the use of heat-conduction oil furnace, the heat-conduction oil furnace heating temperature can’t meet the technical requirements, oil yield only 65%,and need regular maintenance; without the use of special high temperature resistant oil pump, the pump is very expensive and is easily broken, continuous operation mode need to frequently replace this pump; without the use of salt furnace heating, the temperature is too high, extremely unsafe; electric heating can’t meet the technical requirements

9. Power consumption: about 17 KG fuel oil, and 18 KWH electric when treat 1 ton waste oil (small capacity will more than this).


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