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ESD Wing Gate - Manual

The wing gate management system is mainly composed of computer, intelligent card reader, intelligent wing gate, static test, smart card and management software. TCP/IP network communication between the computer and the wing gate can be used for network operation or offline operation.

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ESD Wing Gate - Manual

The equipment integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies. By configuring various reading and writing devices, using reliable performance protection devices, real-time alarm system and direction indication interface, combined with reliable human body comprehensive tester, the intelligent control and management of the channel can be coordinated.

The shape of the equipment is stamped and formed by stainless steel plate. The shape is beautiful and the external electrical interface is adopted. It is convenient to integrate the ID card, IC card and other card readers on the device to provide a civilized and orderly way for the entry and exit personnel. At the same time, it will prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving. In addition, the system also specially designed the function to meet the fire protection requirements. In the event of an emergency, the channel is guaranteed to be unimpeded and convenient for personnel to evacuate in time.


ESD Wing Gate Software features:

1. TCP/IP communication connection computer management.

2. All employee data can be imported automatically in batches, and the card number can be read automatically or manually. ESD Wing Gate

3. It can be classified as a group of personnel rights, which can be monitored in real time or batch management. It can display the daily static test results of employees and record them in the file. The query results can be saved, analyzed and utilized.

4. The electrostatic test system has 4 modes to choose from: 1. Free pass mode 2. Single card recognition (wrist strap mode) 3. Single card recognition (two-legged mode) 4. Single card recognition (wrist strap + feet) ). No manual conversion is required, all set in the software, and the employee's authority is automatically 


5. According to various conditions, the multi-function access control management report can be made according to various conditional queries such as month, date, department, and individual.

6. With the Excel staff data table program, the existing personnel Excel data sheet can be directly imported into the software.

7. When the software registrant has access to the card machine, it can be automatically retransmitted when there is a communication failure, and no manual retransmission is required.

8. It can set the opening time and exit mode of each day.

9. You can set the way to enter and exit the door to increase the user card of the deleted device and set the date range of the user card.


Test Case:


Testing Conditions

Testing Voltage:220V

Temperature:0℃ -45℃  RH:≤80%

Resistance range


750KΩ   -100MΩ





Fault condition








Check condition









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