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LD 2140 High & Low Temperature Chamber (100L)

This equipment is suitable for all kinds of automotive parts, electrical and electronic products and other products, parts and materials for high and low temperature constant and mutation, mutation, alternating test and other environmental simulation reliability test. Test Limits: Flammable, explosive, corrosive, volatile substances, strong electromagnetic emission source test and storage (except with special requirements).


Effective volume 100L
Ambient temperature 15~35℃
Environment humidity 25%~75%RH
Atmospheric pressure 86~106KPa
Test weight No
Test sample heat No
Temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃ (adjustable control accuracy +/- 0.1 ℃)
Temperature Fluctuation ≤ +/- 0.5 ℃
Temperature deviation ≤ +/- 1 ℃
Temperature gradient ≤ +/- 1 ℃
Heating rate Average 3 ℃ / min non-linear load.
Cooling rate Average 1 ℃ / min Non-linear load.
Test standards GB / T2423.1-2001
Noise Index GB / T2423.2-2001
Equipment weight 400KG
Equipment power ≤ 70dB (A sound level)
Support structure Square keel steel frame structure.
Equipment box High Temp spray. All equipment within the box with a thickness of 1.0MM SUS # 304 heat-resistant stainless steel cold seal.
Insulation layer Insulation thickness of the entire box up to 100MM, the use of high-strength fire-resistant polyurethane foam insulation PU insulation material (more than the general thermal PU, fire-resistant effect), thermal insulation coefficient: less than 0.0212kcal / m
Equipment floor The bottom plate is made of 2mm thick # 304 stainless steel plate and reinforced by well type high strength square pipe. Can load ≥ 150KG / ㎡.
Box door PU polyurethane foam insulation, the use of materials with the box.
Observation window Heat-proof and sweat-proof multi-layer vacuum on the box door Large glass viewing window (W420 mm * H600mm) One-piece with anti-frost and anti-condensation heating device (automatic adjustment); allows you to clearly and clearly Observe the test conditions of the test samples.
Inside lighting Observation window with a group of high-efficiency LED lights.
Test hole ยข 100mm with silicone plug and stainless steel cover
Sealed Door frame and insulation door butt seal with imported silicone seal, sealing performance, reliable and durable.
Pressure balance port Mechanical passive, maintenance-free, automatically balance the difference between the pressure inside and outside the box.
Test stand Stainless steel mesh a total of 2 layers, load-bearing ≥ 30KG / layer.
Casters Attached adjustable 4 fixed movable wheels for convenient positioning of the device (with fixed locking function)
Heating High-performance long-life bare wire Ni-Cr alloy heating wire.
Air supply Multi-wing centrifugal wind wheel, high and low temperature aluminum alloy blades. High uniformity of the upper part of the air duct pressure of the lower part of the loop air return mode.
Sensor PT100 wet and dry bulb temperature sensor, high-precision detection of the temperature inside the induction box.
Cooling method Compressor refrigeration system
Compressor France Taikang full-compact compressor.
Refrigerant Fluorine-free environment HFC R404A
Condenser Air-cooled high-efficiency fin-type condenser
Evaporator Efficient multi-stage fin evaporator
Oil separator The refrigeration compressor discharges the high-pressure steam oil separation, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the refrigeration system
Expansion valve Danfoss TS series automatic expansion valve.
Evaporation pressure regulating valve Automatic expansion valve according to the system required for automatic cooling capacity adjustment, making the system more energy efficient.
Control method The TT-5166 industrial microcomputer control system, anti-integral PID, BTC balance thermostat control (thermal compensation) + DCC smart cooling control

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LD-2140 High and low temperature chamber

The equipment is manufactured according to GB / T10592-2008 standard and meets the test standard of GB / T5170.2-2008 for IEC60068 environmental test.

Features of environment test chamber:-

  • The automatic expansion valve is installed according to the system required for the cooling ccapacity adjustment. This makes the system more energy efficient.
  • High-quality brass nitrogen welding protection is used, so that the internal brass smooth oxidation-free, to avoid the traditional welding caused by the inner wall of the copper oxide impurities into the refrigeration system damage to the compressor.
  • Compressor installed at the bottom of the damping spring or vibration damping rubber cushion to reduce compressor vibration noise.
  • On the condenser, Maltese low-speed and high-volume condensing fan (imported from Germany) is used, and a wave-type sound-absorbing sponge is installed around the refrigerating unit to achieve a lower noise effect.
  • 7-inch industrial grade TFT color LCD touch screen (65,535 true color, resolution 800 * 480) automatically adjusts the brightness, is smaller, thinner and has a longer life.
  • Display is a 24-bit high-precision, full range of high-precision two decimal places.
  • Four operating modes (Set / slope / program / connection).
  • Built-in recording program, the controller memory can be stored 24H run for 3 months. Can easily automatically generate temperature and humidity curve files, data, operation records, alarm records, etc., can be described in numerical and graphical settings and the actual value of the cycle Number, temperature, temperature, time and other documents and BMP image format can be copied using USB or uploaded to the monitoring computer.
  • Optional modules like timing control and externam connection available at request.
  • Comes with automatic power-off memory recovery function, according to demand, select shutdown, hot start, cold start function.
  • Multi-level password protection can be set to prevent unauthorized use and change of internal parameters.
  • Protective Function: Temperature out of control sample over-temperature protection (independently adjusted temperature protector).

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