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LD TVM 802B desktop pick & place machine

Consists of a work head, top and bottom visual systems, a work table and feeding racks.


Applicable PCB 20mm*20mm--270mm*350mm
XY moving range 395*445mm
Placement head quality 15mm
Mounting capability 5500 component per hour
Mounting accuracy ±0.025mm
Applicable components 0402,0606,0805,sop8 ...QFN/BGA
Components supply configuration Tape real,bulk package(IC)
Tape width 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
Feeders 46
Dimensions L980*W655*H330mm
Visual camera 2 HD CCD Camera
Visual system (down) Automatic recognize fiducial mark
Visual system (up) Automatic recognize components and adjust
Vacuum pumps info 3 vacuum pump (one positive,two negative)
Power supply AC220V or AC110V
Power 150W
Weight 55 Kgs

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Features of the TVM 802B desktop pick & place machine:-

  • The boundary dimension of this equipment is 900*970*300 mm. Mainly consisting of a work head, top and bottom visual systems, a work table and feeding racks. 
  • This SMT component placement system adopts a double end design, suction heads are equipped with several types of suction nozzles namely No. 1, No. 2, No.3 and No. 4. Under normal conditions, nozzle #1 is the smallest, while nozzle #4 is the biggest.
  • Std config of the main feeder 8mm-22pcs,12,mm-3pcs,16mm-1pcs.
  • Industrial-strength up visual system with professional visual algorithms to determine the center of the components, calculate the position offset and angle offset so that the machine can pick and place efficiently.
  • Mute vacuum pump with 2 built-in imported mute vacuum pump and a blow air pump.
  • Manual man-machine interface is used in this low cost pick and place machine.
  • Industrial strength Ethernet interface that connects conveniently to guarantee the machine reliable operation.
  • Industrial grade under visual system which is able to identify the Mark point and determine the coordinates of component by manual or automatic control.
  • Intelligent placement head: Well designed placement head has realized that double suction,vacuum test,missing part check,automatic dialing materials.

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