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Roller Conveyor

Our Roller Conveyors are an inexpensive and essential aid for free moving, safe and efficient transportation goods at any stage of a process line.

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Roller conveyors are one of the important categories of wide range of Package-Handling Conveyors available.They can be either gravity type (non-powered) or powered. In case of short distance conveying, gravity conveyors are mounted at some inclination to generate movement of load by gravity. For longer distances or where the load is to undergo operations in between, the conveyor needs to be mounted horizontally and the article is pushed as required.

Lessdeal Roller conveyors can be optimized for transporting a wide variety of crates, boxes, polybags and pallets. A version in freewheel or electrically controlled roller conveyor gives you flexibility in layout, application and budget. We supply pre-assembled free-rolling and driven roller conveyors made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

Features of the Lessdeal Roller Conveyors:-

  • Used for unit handling operations
  • Can convey bags/boxes/cartons/parcels effectively wherein the bottom of the material conveyed is flat
  • Suitable where controlled movement of goods is essential
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance roller conveyor designs
  • Suitable for wide range of unit handling applications
  • Cost effective and Durable
  • Length of the conveyor can be easily expanded
  • Available as non-powered (gravity) or powered type roller conveyor system
  • In powered type, available in belt or chain driven versions
  • Manufactured out of finest quality raw material
  • Available in wide range of roller diameter and widths depending on application and load
  • Available with PLC control for complex operations

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